Large Sewer and Manhole Cleaning Equipment

Manhole - Storm and Sewer Lines

Flooded parking lots are a real problem in many urban areas in Canada. In the early spring when winter snow melts turning to water and then and making its way over to the parking lot drain. The water now washes mud, gravel and debris that has accumulated over the winter season into the manhole (catch basin) or storm grate. After few hours of melting snow, quite often the temperatures fall back to freezing causing the water to turn to ice in the storm water man hole as well storm water pipes. Once the ice has completely blocked the manhole drain as well as the storm sewer lines, the drains are officially plugged. Water will no longer drain away, causing the water to sit in the drain, over-flowing in to the parking lot, causing a flooded parking lot. Other types of problems that can cause a parking lot to flood include leaves, gravel, branches, garbage that has found its way into the manhole. Flash flooding can also overwhelm the drain if it is partially plugged.

A few examples of commercial sewer and manhole cleaning equipment

Pull Behind Powerflushing Units

Pull behind power-jetters with tanks that are usually filled with heated water.Pull behind power-flushing units can be moved easily with smaller vehicles. The pumps are usually powered by an on- board diesel or gasoline powered engine. The size and weight of pull behind flushers are great for drain cleaning, manhole flushing applications where large heavy trucks are practical.

Truck Mounted Power-Flushing Units

Truck mounted power-flushing units are usually installed on large trucks. The water tanks are designed to carry large volumes of water for use along with heavier duty water pumps for sewer and drain cleaning jobs that require extreme water volume and pressure. This type of sewer cleaning truck is great for larger municipal storm and sewer lines. Commercial drain cleaning company’s use this type of equipment for blasting major grease and sludge build-up out of the main sewer-lines to help prevent main sewer clogging between manholes. Townhome and condo complexes, large parking lots, commercial buildings are all candidates for large power flushing units.

Vac and Power-flush Truck Combination

Vac truck and power flushing combination trucks are equipped with a water tank that is filled with fresh water as well as a fully functional Vac system with holding tank to remove dirty water, grease and debris for disposal at approved facilities. These trucks are known as Hydro Vacs. Hydro Vacs are often used in place of a backhoe to excavate ground to expose utilities.